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About the technical specification of optical module.

- Jul 13, 2018 -

1 what is GBIC?GBIC is Giga Bitrate Interface Converter, is the one billion electrical signals into light signals on the GBIC Interface design can be used for hot plug GBIC is a kind of international standard interchangeable product USES the GBIC Interface design of a one billion - bit switches with interchangeable flexible, occupy the bigger market share in the market.

2 what is SFP?SFP is SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE, can be simple to understand for the GBIC an upgraded version of the SFP module GBIC module cut in half, the ratio of volume can be configured on the same panel more than more than double the number of ports SFP Modules of some other basic functions and the GBIC switches manufacturer called SFP Modules miniaturization GBIC (MINI - GBIC).

 3 what XENPAK Optical Modules 10 Gigabit EtherNetTransceiver PAcKage Wan Zhao Ethernet interface Transceiver set packaging 10 gigabit Ethernet in the optical Transceiver (independent of the closed circuit and optical signals from the optical components of a small device, is used to switch and router interface section) of the standard specification by Agere Agilen mitsubishi Pine Photonics,The ZENPAK working group on Tyco and Optillion on London has defined parameters such as electrical pin configuration and function of the product's exterior size optical plugs.

 4 XFP: 10-gigabit small form-factor Pluggable transceiver Ethernet interface.